Do you still have your 90’s fashion trends? Well, good news! There are fashion trends then that are definitely coming back. So, time to raid your wardrobe and see whether you still have them.

I was lucky that my mother has kept most of her old clothes in pristine condition, a reminder for readers – make ensure that your fur/fox coats are stored properly, because I discovered an unwanted ‘present’ when I opened the boxes where my moms coats were stored, I even had to hire a company that does pest extermination to get rid of the problem… Just think about the clothes I can still enjoy without having to spend any money. I am the same size as my mom now, so I am like a kid discovering new clothes from my dress-up cabinet. Here are the fashion trends of the 90’s that are making a big comeback now.


We can see that this utilitarian clothing is making an appearance now. It is very casual and versatile. The pockets are additional storage for all our gadgets and accessories. Wear it with heels or sneakers, T-shirt or crop tops. It will surely look cool. Famous celebrities spotted wearing overalls are Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Olivia Palermo, and Heidi Klum.



We know wearing bandannas on the head to make a fashion statement is only for pirate themed parties. In the present year, bandannas are seen layered over a shirt, tied on top of a dress or tucked into a polo shirt. The possibilities are endless. You use it as a headband or hair tie for an added stylish accessory.


This footwear has always been comfortable and durable. Birkenstocks are classic but seeing it worn fashionably is a great treat to the eyes and the feet. They are no longer just the sandals that you keep on the sidelines for when your feet hurt. It can now be worn together with your OOTD (That’s, Outfit of the Day) without risk of ruining your entire look.

Crop Top

Thanks to “Clueless” for this iconic 90’s style. I think this never went out of style. It is a way to show sexy without being trashy. Of course, with the right combinations. The only primary concern is that you need to have a nice flat belly to pull-off and give justice to this unforgiving outfit. Well, that said, you can add crop tops to your fitspiration. Atlanta carpet cleaners along with Columbus electricians  helped us organize the 2017 fashion show.


High-waisted Jeans

The high-waisted jeans are now a thing. Although the 2017 version is much improved, the 90s one can still rock it. Wear it with your shirt or the crop tops, and you are ready to go.

These are the latest fashion must-haves that are emerging from the back of our closets. You have to remember the attitude and the carefree nature of the 90s to wear these trend with confidence and flair. As they say, “Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.”