So with all these Mandela Effect videos and articles popping up, with a few of the stories lining up with my memories allegedly from another universe, I decided to go back to my parents’ house to check on a few stuff in the attic to confirm a few things. During the drive there I had thought of all the junk I had collected during my youth I clearly remember in storage; from an old “Fruit Loops” cereal box I used as a box for all my cereal toys, a collection of 90’s VHS I think contains a copy of “Shazam”, to an album of candy bar wrappers (yes I was a strange kid). When I got there though something weird happened; everything in the attic had termite damage. I was so pissed that I broke the window of my mates car and was put on bail.

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A year earlier my mother hired Pest Control Company Desoto to do some preventive treatment, something she does every year or so since the house was old. Termites happen, even with the treatment from last year the bugs could have gone to work after the chemicals were weakened by time, though unlikely. The weird thing about it though is that the termite damage was there but no termites… Could it have been because of the treatment? Or is it something else; is some sort of anomaly beyond our current understanding, could it have been the Mandela effect…Check out Overland Park plumber