This website is about, you guessed it, the 90’s and everything 90’s! We talk about bands, sports, cartoons, politics, anything really as long as it is about the 90’s. The goal is to give every 90’s kid that nostalgic feeling or just to show kids today that our generation was kind of the best. While everything is extremely convenient nowadays with the internet evolving into what it is, there was a time when we had the basics of all the current technologies today but wasn’t an essential part of our daily lives, video games existed but playing often meant going outside with friends, cartoons were simple to understand, and kids were kids. 

We aim to share the wonderful things, and the inconvenience, of the 90’s, giving kids of today the perspective of the kids of yesterday. And no, you are not a 90’s kid if you were born during the late 90’s, though you might have enjoyed a few things before they disappeared.