Singapore is a wonderful country in South-East Asia. There are many Singapore travel ideas for tourists from the whole world and not just the locals. There are many Singapore tour packages, including MRT, train, monorail, ferry boat, to make your Singapore tours even more entertaining.

Whether you are here for work or just for pleasure, you are sure to get your money’s worth with Singapore travel. While you are planning your Singapore travel and looking at different sites to see, why not check out the Singapore Kids-World-TV, one of Singapore’s favorite kids entertainment and amusement venues.

This place features world-famous cartoon characters that can be found in Singapore, like the superheroes, from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Other than the cartoon characters, the place also features popular kid’s character brands such as Lego, Meccano, and Playmobil.

You will definitely have fun watching these great shows and plays, and they are also available in most video rental stores across Singapore. The other thing you should check out while researching for Singapore travel ideas is the fun marine life at the Singapore Riverside called the Singapore River Cruises.

Here you can get to watch cute and adorable seals, turtles, and birds at their best, along with other marine creatures. There are many Singapore Riverside tours that you can choose from, such as the Singapore River Rafting Experience, Singapore Sailing adventure, and Singapore Family Water Activity.

All these tours are fun activities that will definitely make your Singapore trip memorable and at the same time educational at the same time. A Singapore kids-world-travel-guide would definitely tell you about the largest indoor theme park here, which is Disney-Pixar’s Tang Feng Panda Land.

The park has many different themed areas, such as the Narsapien fort, Disney Canteen, and Singapore Zoo. You can even take Singapore children on a tour of the Singapore Flyer museum, which is Singapore’s oldest. It also houses the world’s first Flight simulator, which is a real model of the Wright Brothers’ flight in the early 20th century.

For a really great activity that kids-world-travel-guide recommends, it would be the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Experience. Here you can mingle and have fun with the local people. You can even have a look at the beautiful skyline from one of the Marina Bay Sands windows.

If you are visiting Singapore during Chinese New Year, this place is the best place to shop for items that you want to buy as gifts and souvenirs. Singapore travel ideas also include various food and beverage places.

In fact, Singapore serves you great cuisines and foodstuffs that will make your taste buds dance and you feel full. Try out Satay, a spicy pork pancake popular all over the country; Orchard Road’s very own Deli Dude, Singapore’s own deep-fried pizza-parlor-restaurant; and desserts like the Singaporean lemon cakes or chocolate almond cakes.

If you are traveling with kids, you might want to check out the Singapore Zoo, Children’s ministry, Night Safari, and various aquariums. There are plenty more places to visit, especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

You can always find a Singapore hotel that is within a walking distance of all the excitement. Singapore hotels are usually located conveniently located within the central business district, and many have good parking facilities. Some even have cable television subscriptions. Without a doubt, there are tons of fun and budget-friendly things to do in Singapore!

On top of all these, Singapore is also known for its excellent transportation system, and you will not find yourself stuck in any traffic. Singapore travel tips for first-time travelers may include considering taking a Singapore minibus, which is a hop-on and hop-off ticket that you can hop on to go around many places in the city.

If you are traveling with children, the kids-world-travel-guide recommends strolling through Marina Bay Sands at least once, especially at night. Singapore’s dining options are also varied and affordable. Try out the hawker centers at Clarke Quay and Jalan Raya Ubud, both of which serve continental and Asian fare at low costs.

For a taste of Western culture, you might try out The Raffles Hotel, or the Night Safari at Sentosa. You might also want to read up on the history of Singapore as you go along since you’ll find plenty of interesting facts about the island in every travel guide about Singapore.