boomboxI was born in 1987, so am considered as a 90s kid. As my mother has a collection of the best chinaware cleanly stowed in a glass cabinet in the kitchen, my heirloom for the next generations would be my collection of gadgets during the golden age of music and gaming. Name any gadget during the 90s, I have it: a full blast boombox, a Walkman, a Discman, a CD player, a VHS tape machine with some of the best VHS movie tapes, an Atari, and a Gameboy Black and White among others. Now that I grew out of these gadgets, I kept these things inside a big box inside our family house’s storage room. Although these are now out-dated for use, I treasure them a lot. Some of them could be still used, or so I thought.

One summer, I went on leave so that I could visit my family in the same house I told you about, and my mother said she wanted to set up a garage sale in front of our house. We had a lot of extra and unused stuff inside the house and some were just accumulating space and dust. Let’s just say we all had that similar behavior that compels us to hoard gadgets and equipment and just leave it there when we’re not using it anymore. I was going to agree with my mother, but I thought of my collection in the storage room so I wanted to leave them out. I told her that she should not sell my stuff, but she wasn’t sure which of the things around the house were mine. We went to the storage room so that I could show her my box of gadgets. As we opened the room, I already saw that there was something wrong with the stuff so I quickly went to my box, which was in the farthest corner of the room. As I opened my box, my suspicion was confirmed.My mother got so disgusted of the room that she went straight out and started scratching unconsciously.

There were different kinds of bugs in all the stored things in there, but my stuff was mostly covered in ants. Now I see that those little things like to go inside gadgets and destroy the parts from inside. When I got to talk to my mother, she admitted that they had been in the house for a while, and that was why she wanted a garage sale so we could lessen the bugs coming in. Well I said I had a better idea. I remembered a childhood friend talking about pest control services | around the city, so I contacted him to ask for recommendations. I eventually picked the best one and had the exterminators come to the house the same day. It was an emergency since my mother said they had been there for a longer time, and the situation could be much worse.

At the end of the day, we had searched the whole house for other infestations, but it seemed that the storage room was the only one with the bugs. The exterminators were very patient with us going through all the rooms. At first, my mother was worried that her plants around the house could get affected by the chemicals, but the exterminators assured that they were certified as an eco-friendly service. It seemed that it was true since nothing bad happened to the plants. In short, my mother was delighted of their service that she kept their contact number for future reference. By the end of the week, we had collected all of the things for the garage sale. The family set it up and most of the gadgets and equipment were sold. We just hit two birds with one stone: a general house cleaning and money earning.