It has been a long time since I re-visited my 90’s book collection. My mother encouraged me to read a book and finish it within a month or two. After completing it, I would earn another book. It has been our monthly ritual. I would spend a good hour sitting on the corners of our favorite bookstore, scanning books that are interested enough to take home.

Up to now, I still go to a traditional bookstore even if Kindle and other electronic reading devices are more advantageous because of its price, accessibility, and size. I still love the smell and feel of paper every time I turn the pages. The sound effect of Kindly couldn’t match the feel of the real thing. I also enjoy seeing my books stacked on my shelves. I have a library in our house, and it is my favorite spot in the whole world. You will often find me there. Sometimes, I imagine I have a law firm because I got books from wall to wall.

Rancho Cucamonga bail bondsmanSo just think about the horror I felt when I opened my 90’s books and saw a crawling insect on it. I almost threw the book away! I researched for “book pest” on the internet and found out that they were silverfishes. I randomly picked a book from my shelf to check if the one I saw was just an isolated case. It was not.

I only checked a few rows on my shelves to see that the infestation is a major one. I thought what I did wrong. I made sure that I dust the shelves and the books. I do not want to put them to waste. I researched more about the pest, and I clicked on the visit site link on one of the pages.

Luckily, I was led to a an office in San Diego. It was near our house, and I scheduled a visit. They came to our house and did their magic. I did not see any silverfish after the treatment, but they told me to inspect some of the books that I still wanted to keep to ensure that there were no eggs left. Good thing, the books were clear.

Let me tell you about the titles I was able to save. Who wouldn’t want to rescue these 90’s books?

L. Stein’s Goosebumps Series

I love that I did not have to wait for Halloween to have something scary. It is a big part of my growing up years.

Philip Riddley’s Scribbleboy

I love the natural diversity of characters. Even the way they speak differs.

Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch

I remember imagining I was Mildred at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. I still remember the fun I had reading this book.

Now, let me just share with you what I learned about storing books. It is best to keep the books stored in boxes lined with plastic or bubble wrap. Then, if you really, really, love the book, you can individually wrap them in kraft paper. Make sure that you inspect the books for pests or molds before wrapping individually. After packing them, you need to store them in a dark and dry place to keep it away from moisture.