Beer has become an essential these days – any and every event calls for a beer! The beer that you so casually drink has a lot of hidden facts behind it! Want to know more? Read on!

1. The Czechs love beer! You may say we all love beer, but no – no one loves beer as much as the Czechs do! Their beer consumption is around 40 gallons per capita every year! Do you still say you love beer more than them? Nah!

2. Storing beer upright is essential – there’s a high probability of the beer reacting with the bottle cap and getting spoilt. So keep in mind, always upright.

3. In older times, the Babylonians were extremely serious about brewing beer the right way – they literally took offense if anyone brewed up bad tasting beer. And this offense wasn’t just dismissed- the person who committed this ‘sin’ was drowned in the awful beer he brewed!

4. The most expensive beer in the world comes from Belgian. “Vielle Bon Secours” costs around 1000 American dollars! Quite a costly catch!

5. All beers from the Cockpit Brewhouse are named after the WWI and WWII airplanes! Black Widow Stout, Helles Belles, Mustang American IPA are a few examples.

6. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass – and no I’m not kidding here! People addicted to beer are totally paranoid about seeing an empty glass and begin freaking out pretty soon!

7. The foam that lathers up on the top of your beer glass is actually an indicator of the beer quality – the more the foam, the better taste your beer has. No foam is a warning indication for bland beer!

8. The most extended hangover was when a Scotsman gulped down around 28 liters of beer in one sitting – this led to him being tipsy for over four weeks!

9. Beer has many other uses too – brighten up copper with a dash of beer or soften meat by marinating it with beer! Some even use beer as a conditioner for their hair!

10. Colorado State University actually has a course which helps you specialize in beer and beer-making. It is known as Zythology – get a beer-infused degree!

11. The White House brews its own beer! And President Obama was the first president to brew his own beer on the White House grounds. And his recipe is out there on Google for all to see!

Already tipsy with these facts?