Fireplace glass can instantly give your fireplace a modern and luxurious aesthetic, offering many door style and fire glass color choices to complement the decor in your home.

Tempered glass has been heat treated to withstand high temperatures and is commonly found around the home for use as shower doors or skylights, where regular glass would not be safe enough.


Fire glass should always be treated as an extremely hot material when being used in any fireplace, and should always be kept out of reach from children and elderly people during use. Touching it can result in serious burns to their skin or severe injuries; for their protection it should always be placed behind a screen or protective cover to reduce injury risk.

As well as keeping children and the elderly away from your fireplace during use, you should also make sure no one touches its glass once it has burned out. This should be relatively easy if the glass can remain separated from materials like stone, brick and wood – this is why using this material requires using an appropriately vented fireplace setup.

Make sure any kind of glass used in your fireplace has been appropriately treated before using it, as untreated fire glass could shatter or melt at high temperatures, which is why only using tempered glass in your fireplace would be much safer; it is commonly found on shower doors, skylights and fireplace doors.

Professional installation can also improve the safety of your fireplace. A professional will ensure that it’s installed correctly and that it operates safely – providing maximum enjoyment!

Before adding fireplace glass, it is necessary to first clear away all ash and soot from inside your fireplace. To make the task easier and prevent getting any dust or debris on your hands while doing this task, wearing rubber cleaning gloves would be wise as they will make cleanup a lot simpler.

An additional tip when working with hot glass and cleaning products simultaneously is laying down old towels or large pieces of cardboard on the floor, to protect from hot glass shards and fumes from cleaning products. In addition, opening windows for ventilation could help dissipate fumes more effectively; additionally, wearing a mask may provide further protection.

Energy Efficiency

Do fireplaces save energy? Fireplace glass has grown increasingly popular over the past several years due to its aesthetic and energy efficiency advantages. While traditional fireplace doors are constructed out of wood or metal, fire glass fireplace doors come equipped with transparent or colored glass panels to help homeowners create a modern and contemporary aesthetic in their hearth without having to completely redo their room. Fire glass comes in various colors that complement any home decor perfectly!

Pairing fire glass with logs creates an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic in homes with children or pets, as it helps prevent sparks or ash from escaping the fireplace and damaging furniture, flooring or other items in your home. Sparks or ashes that escape can damage carpeting, stain wood surfaces and other surfaces exposed to heat; glass fireplace doors contain these particles and protect your home against potential damages.

Fireplace glass can increase the amount of heat radiated into a room, increasing overall warmth and coziness in your home. While many homeowners believe that glass fireplace doors prevent a room from warming up, in reality this is not true: in fact they reduce air loss through chimneys by decreasing escape routes while saving both in winter and summer seasons.

Though it might be tempting to leave the fireplace doors open while a fire is burning, doing so is both dangerous and can increase energy bills significantly. Allowing heat to escape out can force heating or cooling systems to work harder just to maintain temperature in your home.

As well as this, fireplace doors can also accumulate soot, ash and smoke which is difficult to eliminate from your hearth. By keeping the doors shut when there is no fire burning inside your fireplace you can reduce this build-up, making cleaning your hearth much simpler!


Fireplace glass provides warmth in wintertime, but if left neglected it may leave behind unsightly soot stains. Regular cleaning should prevent these stains from developing but may require some elbow grease to do it effectively. For an easier approach, fireplace cleaner spray products can be applied directly onto the glass and allowed to soak before wiping off with a cloth for best results – be sure to follow all product instructions for maximum effect!

If you don’t have fireplace cleaner spray on hand, white ash works just as effectively to clean up fireplace glass surfaces. Mix some ash with water to form a paste, apply it directly onto the fireplace glass surface, and wipe clean afterwards with paper towels or cotton balls to help remove soot stains lingering from previous fires. Be sure to wear an N95 mask while working with this substance as its particles may pose health hazards.

No matter what cleaning method you employ–oven cleaner, white ash, or commercial solutions–it is crucial that fireplace glass be regularly maintained. As a rule of thumb, it should be cleaned after every fire and at least once weekly during consistent use. Utilizing clean seasoned wood will also help avoid soot build-up while opening air vents will minimize smoke entering your home.

Fireplaces are an invaluable way to stay warm during the cold months and serve as a gathering spot for families to spend quality time together. Plus, having one is an added safety measure that’s especially useful if you have young children! For more information about fireplace safety in general and to learn about Neighborly partner Molly Maid housekeeping services’ article here on how to do just that, be sure to download their blog post here – plus our cleaning checklist can help get your spring cleaning underway with one of their local franchises!


Fire glass is an easy and stylish way to add modern style to any fireplace, patio or outdoor living space. There are multiple colors to choose from so that you can find one that complements the decor in your home – warm colors such as orange and red are great ways to make any room cozy and welcoming while soothing shades such as blue and green can promote tranquility and give any living area a sophisticated edge. By selecting clear or silver fire glass you can add even more sophistication and elegance into any living area.

Before selecting the color of fireplace glass for your hearth, consider how it will interact with its surrounding flames and features. Gold-colored fire glass can enhance the shimmer of flames for an elegant touch while white or black fire glass may provide more subdued, minimalist effects.

Heat resistance should also be a top consideration when selecting fireplace glass. High temperatures generated by your hearth can easily break ordinary pieces of glass, so only use tempered versions in your hearth for best results. Most packages list this information, or check your owner’s manual just to be certain.

Instead of producing harmful smoke and fumes like traditional wood or gas logs do, fireplace glass produces none – making it safe for both you and your pets when lighting the fire. Plus, thanks to being free from toxic chemicals and fumes, cleaning fireplace glass should be easier!

Fireplace glass can also help lower energy costs by keeping more of the heat produced by your fireplace within the room, rather than being lost through its doors in winter and summer months. Without fire glass in place, warming air could escape up through its chimney while cooling air could escape up its chimney; keeping these temperatures constant with fire glass helps retain them within your living area.

Fireplace glass can add beauty and safety to any home while improving safety and efficiency. To learn more about different types of fireplace glass or order some, reach out to Total Home Supply now.