Beer lovers will be like – who cares?! But hey, there’s a difference between the two – and if something tastes better than the other, you’ll always go for it right? So let’s have a look at the difference that sets apart draft beer and canned beer.

The truth and fact state that whenever draft beer is available, it is always preferred over any other beer. The freshness, the authentic taste, and flavor are what draws beer lovers to draft beer. Draft beer is also known as draught beer and is directly served from a tap. The unique and original taste is retained because of the carbon dioxide present in it.

Unlike draft beer, canned beer is filtered, treated and then packed into an aluminum can. And in all of this, the taste of the beer is what gets somewhat compromised. But of course, if draft beer is not available, the canned beer is the next best available option.

Those who need their beer perfect, with the complex flavor of beer (that’s hard to put into words) intact, should definitely go in for draft beer. Draft beer is live beer; it still contains yeast that’s alive – it is this yeast that acts like magic, converting the sugar in the liquid into alcohol and carbon dioxide. And this effort by the yeast is what makes great beer. Draft beer retains this taste and makes sure what’s brewed reached you exactly the way it was meant to be.

On the other hand, canned beer is brewed, pumped in with preservatives which kill the yeast swimming in the beer and make the beer dead. And does the dead taste as good as the live – no, of course not.

The plus point of canned beer is that it lasts longer than draft beer. Draft beer will go stale in a week, or even before that. It will taste vinegary and weird. But canned beer goes on for months.
If you are looking for something real and good, go in for draft beer. But if you are looking for something that you need over a more extended period and that tastes okayish, go in for canned beer.