First off, I recommend a vacation in UAE with Summit Yachts, everything is just lovely there, and with this particular yacht rental company it is a whole different experience. Now, onto our list! If you feel like going on vacation and charter a yacht while at it I highly recommend any of the places in this list.

1.) Fiji 

If you want to experience one of the best pacific southwest islands, I can recommend Fiji as the people are known to be very welcoming and warm. With the 300 islands in the archipelago you have numerous choices for Pacific island vacation or adventure.

2.) Seychelles Islands 

Found somewhere off the coast of Africa, these 115 islands could be considered paradise. Their granite rocks are things of beauty as you sail across 44 miles of coastlines. An experience that is not like any other, you must at least visit the islands once. Each Island offers its own wonders such as Mahe island’s mountains that soar to about 3,000 feet above sea level.

3.) The British Virgin Islands 

So many to see and experience I cannot say any more than just go there and experience it for yourself. The island is perfect for a family vacation for its clear waters; island hopping experience is but a small part of what these islands can offer.

4.) Thailand 

Sailors have always spoken highly of the country, with the warmest locals and wonderful culture you cannot go wrong in your decision to visit “The Land of Smiles”. Phuket is a wonderful area to visit if you want to see how the locals live, you may even see Exotic flora that’s beauty would make the flowers in your garden pale in comparison. And if you feel like experiencing how nightlife is like, it can easily be found.

5.) Sicily, Italy 

Italy is a great place on its own, but when visiting the country by yacht, I recommend going to Sicily. So much to experience, so much to learn from the ancient history the island contains. Allow yourself to explore the beauty that is Palermo, with its stunning architecture and wonderful culture. If you want something more secluded, you can’t any more secluded than the fishing villages Sicily.


In the end wherever you may go, it is a whole other experience going there on a Yacht. As you experience luxury and relaxation with the adventure of sailing and exploring. If you are capable, you must experience what yachting has to offer, and find your own little adventure to go on.

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