The Early Internet

The internet today is incomparable to the 90’s internet, it was the wild west back then, and though it was not as visually pleasing as today’s standards, it was something special to the fortunate few kids who had it back then, as some people thought that it was a fad, even scientists. I won’t go too much into detail about the internet of old, but simply enough compared to today, it was very basic, but it was for us who had it back then, home.

We were a bit naïve about the internet back then, not knowing its full potential and possible uses, and mostly unaware of the dangers it brought. Most users were quite innocent, thinking back I think it had a purpose that is a bit different from what it is today, though it became something incredible, maybe it isn’t what was originally envisioned for it.

To allow you to get a feel of the old internet, here’s a little video about how to use the internet from the 90’s.