To be a 90’s Kid

So what does it take to be a 90’s kid? If we would be completely strict with the 90’s kid rule, I would barely qualify as one, as I was born 1991, making me only a “Demi-90’s Kid”, though since I use live in a country that was late to the 90’s party before moving here, I am still culturally a 90’s kid. But to be a 90’s kid who have experienced the 90’s in all its glory, from the rise of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in 1990 to its spectacular finish with the rise of “Pokémon” in 1991, you would need to be born around the mid to late 80’s, having enough time to develop enough to be at an age where you can understand and remember all that was good about the 90’s.

So if you were born during the mid70’s to early 80’s, though you enjoyed the 90’s fully, you were more of a teenager than a kid, and if you were born mid 90’s you were only able to see the tail end of the 90’s and the start of the 2000’s.