After so many years, my hoarder grandma finally decided to let go of her useless trash. I do not understand her need to collect all the boxes from birthday cakes, pump bottles from shampoos, empty milk cans, and a lot more. She even “dumpster dive” and wouldn’t miss a garage sale in the neighborhood. Her house was filled with all sort of junk and good things piled on top of each other. That is why I was shocked when she decided to drop everything and change for the good.

I asked her, and she confessed that she was just happy that we are finally moving in with her in New Jersey. It was enough reason for her to let go of her prized possession. My mom and I looked for dumpster rental because a regular garbage bin will not do. Imagine, two bedrooms plus a garage full of junk, and that is after sorting through everything already.

My grandma luckily found a flyer from a dumpster shop nearby but we still wanted to visit their website to know more details. We are happy with the rates, and they delivered the dumpster the same day. We asked the help of our cousins next door to transfer grandma’s garbage to the dumpster. It was a lot of work! Columbus Top Soccer is an organization for youth, check them out.

I was pulling out some cartons when I saw some of my cassette tapes under the pile of old vinyl records that we were supposed to donate. I was so surprised to uncover them because the artist autographed most of them! I could not even remember owning these treasures. What are you going to do when you dig up some great 90s artifact like these?

Nirvana’s Nevermind 

Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic. What could be cooler than that? I listened to their songs in almost every major event in my life. I remember looking for this cassette tape before, but the development of mp3s helped me survive without it. Carpet cleaning is one of those things that is boring but a must.

Radiohead’s OK Computer 

A timely message in a song as the computer age is just starting to take over our lives. I did not listen much to this, though. But I will gladly keep it because it was a gift from my friend way back in high school.

U2’s Achtung Baby 

Well, if it’s from U2, it must be good.  Remember the song “One” and “Light My Way?” They are all from this album.

Pearl Jam’s Ten 

If you want impressive guitar solos, you have to hear this. I was torn between Nirvana and Pearl Jam. But their song “Alive” won me over.

Metallica’s “Metallica” 

It is just the biggest metal album of the 90s. Need I say more?

These cassette tapes were truly an awesome find. I do not mind keeping these in my bedroom. It is as vintage as it gets in my perspective. However, I do not have the device to play these tapes anymore. Now, I wonder. Probably, grandma still has a cassette player stashed somewhere in the house. Visit this bail bond site to learn more about bail bonds.