Hardwoods and wood designed tiles are the floorings of choice over the past decade. However, it seems that wall-to-wall carpet is making a comeback from the 90’s.

Some homes still have wall-to-wall carpeting, and there is no need to rip it off just to ride the hardwood fad. If your carpet is of high-quality and the color is in the neutral shade of white, beige or gray, then you just have something worth keeping. Carpets also add coziness to any room.

With proper carpet maintenance, your carpet is a good design foundation for your interior design. A pop of color here and there will complement the carpet that you have.

But if your carpet is a vintage from the 90s, you have to consider hiring a professional cleaner to give it tender love and care. Professional cleaning does not only make your carpet look clean, but it also removes harmful dust and molds that are dangerous to our health.

We have a preferred carpet cleaner that we hire every time we see our carpet looking sad and drab. If you are not familiar with carpet cleaning, do visit this website to know more information and services that you can avail from professional carpet cleaners.

Here are other cool 90s home design trends that are making a big comeback in households.


We see wallpapers with modern floral designs as an accent to many gorgeous bedrooms and powder rooms. When used thoughtfully, wallpapers are not a bad idea at all. In fact, it gives the walls character and provides an easy way to highlight a room.

Japanese Zen

Japanese design features uncluttered and clean look. It also incorporates nature in the design. Clean-lined furniture also contributes to the zen-like aura of the room.

White Kitchens

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Some people do not like to use white as the primary color of the kitchen because it requires frequent cleanup. However, white kitchens are gaining attention again because it is easy to complement it with other color.

Blue and White Decors

Do you remember the blue and white vase of your mom in the 90s? This favorite color palate from the 90s is here. Blue and white decors, such as ginger jars, could make a beautiful accent piece in your room.

Brass Fixtures

The finish of brass in decors today is not too shiny making it easy to combine with other elements of the house. But don’t over-do the brass in your home or it might look tacky.

Country Flair

It does not mean that you take out your ruffled linens and rooster decors just yet. It is more of adding a rustic feeling to your home by using design elements such as raw wood and stone, pure natural fabrics, and use of neutral colors.

As they say, trends come and go, it is better to stick to the classics. But that doesn’t mean that your house should feel dated. There are ways to make the old adapt to the new. You need to strike a right balance between the old and new to come up with something fresh and cool for your homes.