So time and time again we always read or hear something like “You’re a 90’s kid if” or “Things were better in the 90’s”, the reason for that is because for a lot of people thinks the 90’s was better. Are things more convenient now and are more amazing things available? Well yeah, some of the stuff we have available now were just things in our imagination, but that is not what we meant by “things were better then”.  To be fair though, it seems that every generation tends to praise the decade of their childhood compared to the ones immediately and even way after them. One thing is for certain though, for me and for a lot of other 90’s kids, things were better in the 90’s.

You see it in memes, see a lot of videos regarding it, and hear it a lot from us 90’s kids. When I said “a lot of people think the 90’s was better” I meant a lot of people currently who has a voice today (people in media, or are known in industry), who are coincidentally 90’s kids. I am not saying that what we(90’s kids) say are just biased lies, what I am saying is that the saying is popular because currently the world is run by 90’s kids, give it a decade or two and you will start hearing something similar from the more recent generation.

What are we talking about?  The 2010’s are awesome! We have all this tech, private companies goes to space, and some are even planning to colonize mars, you say? Well, all of that is true but we’re not really saying that we hate the stuff today offers, what we are trying to say is this: Things were simpler back then, there were limited instant messaging, you wouldn’t have a phone if you weren’t rich, and not everything was a web search away. How is that better? Well, it was the sense of adventure and excitement of not knowing everything and having to uncover everything yourself, you gave a love letter to your crush what will she say? You won’t know until tomorrow, unless you go on a mini adventure going to her house or something that would probably mess everything up. The kind of things that think silly today was an amazing ride of life for us, as we had some version of the tech you have today, but we weren’t dependent on it. And besides, some of that tech you are boasting about was developed by the 90’s kid who might have imagined it during those adventures.

You might be a bit irritated about how we say the 90’s were better, but one day you will likely feel the same way. Every generation will reminisce the beauty of the simplicity that they lived with as a child, maybe one day you will be telling someone a decade younger than you that “the 2010’s was better because…” and they will say something like “well, we have light sabers and teleporters now, what so good about 2010’s”, which will just start the cycle all over again.

So in conclusion, let the 90’s kid reminisce, because as you get older you look back and remember the good old times, when things weren’t that complicated, and everything was an adventure, because one day you will feel the same way about your crappy generation.